What is backflow?

When you turn the faucet on you naturally assume that the water flowing from it will be clean and healthy. However, there are certain situations that can result in potentially unhealthy and unclean water. Backflow is when the water that is supposed to be on the way out (from the toilet, shower, washer, etc) comes back in with your clean water.

What causes backflow to occur?

It has to do with water pressure. The proper amount of water pressure keeps water flowing in the right direction through the pipes. If, for some reason there is a drop in water pressure in the distribution system, the flow can cause a reversal. This type of backflow is termed backsiphonage.

Another type of backflow is caused by backpressure which occurs “when the pressure in a non-potable system becomes greater than the pressure in the potable water system” by definition. By these two mixing it causes water contamination.

Can backflow be prevented?

Yes! Backflow can be prevented.

More You Need To Know About Backflow

Coweta County requires all property owners to have their backflow devices tested. They are also used commercially in places such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

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